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Life in balance

The Therapeutic Vision Quest, as I like to call my approach, is an integration of the tried and true ancient practice of deep reflection on one's Purpose, along with a therapeutic focus on changing unhealthy relationship patterns and overused defenses.  It may not be the method for everyone, as humanity is of course diverse, and certainly we are all at different stages on the Life Journey.  My philosophy however, essential to the manner in which I practice, is that we have for too long pathologized the yearnings of the soul.  I'd like to begin deactiving that perspective as we move toward shedding light on these deeper desires that lie like restless seedlings in the psyche.  Honoring and appropriately attending to those delicate seeds that yearn to sprout, in my view, may begin to reduce the restlessness and chaos, that is so often manifested in the activity of a very defended ego.

That being said, my passion as a therapist is to aid others in aligning the lives they are living with the path of the Soul. By creating a reflective space that attends to the restless yearning of the psyche's desire to become whole, together we will work toward uncovering and actualizing that essential sense of meaning and purpose that life demands. People seek therapy for all sorts of reasons, and I believe that essentially most are unsatisfied, unhappy, frightened, confused, angry and/or simply suffering with a frustrating lethargy with life. Depth psychotherapy, dream work, meditation, and Qi Gong, akin to vision quest, can be the key to illuminating innate capabilities that are quite likely begging attention through emotional, psychological, and/or physical symptoms.

Working most often with adults, I utilize various techniques in order to aid those I serve in the healing of past traumas, that may have been hindering innate potentials. Dream work, Active Imagination, Journaling,Therapeutic Art, and the practice of Qi Gong are wonderful methods for both exploring and moving through the issues beneath the surface, that might be keeping us from making positive and lasting change. EMDR and Focusing, as well, can help us begin to process challenging experiences and the associated feelings that have contributed to the stagnation of forward movement.  Often we aren’t even aware of the real issues, just pain or discomfort, and it takes some patience with oneself to explore our own true thoughts and feelings at a level that can break through to the more authentic self.  Discovering a deeper sense of self can be both exciting and frightening and having an objective advocate trained to listen to the yearnings of the "S"elf, or the Soul, can prove fruitful in becoming more aware and effective in actualizing a true sense of meaning, purpose and direction for Life.  

My office is conveniently located of Rt. 45 in the Grayslake/Lake Villa area. To get started please give me a call or email to set up a free phone consultation. I look forward to hearing from you and walking along side you on Life’s sacred journey.


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